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When you lose your loved one

When you lose your loved one

When the disease begins to savagely attack the body of your loved one, you wish you had all the miracles of the world to heal them by ensuring medicine, surgery or medical treatment.

This was Basil’s wish. In other words, he wished he had had enough money to buy an oxygen cylinder for his sole sister Rania, 25 years old, who suffered from cancer (bone marrow cancer – third stage). She could not breathe normally except through an oxygen cylinder which Basil was unable to purchase for her due to lack of money. As a result, she died in his arms holding his hands as if she was blaming the whole world saying: I want some more time in this life. Do not let me leave so easily. Nevertheless, he couldn’t lift a finger about it because, without money, you cannot buy an oxygen cylinder that might save the life of your loved ones.

Rania passed away leaving all those people who have known her with an unforgettable wound. Since then, Basil made a promise to commit himself and dedicate his time and efforts to help every person suffering from pain in this world. “I do not want anyone to feel the terrible sense of loss; I do not want pain to afflict our loved ones after this exact day.”